Monday, December 3, 2012

Another call for help for Princess Maggie

Please head over to Katie's blog, Keep Calm and Carry on, and read about Maggie.

You can also donate here:

Anything will help this family at this time.  I'll also donate anoth 25% of proceeds from my etsy shop through December 10th.  Click here to go to my etsy shop.

During this Christmas, let's remember our loved ones, and pray for those hurting and in need.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Isaac Strong....a call for prayer and help

Friends and followers, today is quick post to let you know about Isaac, please go check out Erin's Living in Yellow blog and read about Isaac and his fight against cancer.  Isaac was cancer free in September, and in six short weeks, it came back and now he is fighting it again.  Erin is holding a fundraiser to help assist in creating an amazing Christmas for Isaac and his siblings, help with the cost of gas to and from the hospital, and help getting gift cards for food.  You can donate using the paypal box below, or you can go to Erin's site and find many different online shops that are donating proceeds to this cause, including my new online shop.  I'll be donating 25% of proceeds back to Isaac and his family, through Erin.  My shop is new, so bear with it, please.  And please know that I can do anything custom.  Just email me through the shop, and I'll be happy to help with anything your heart desires.  A lot of people really like my UK wildcat jewelry, and I can do those in any school color.  It's almost Christmas time, so now's a great time to shop, and the experience is even better when you know your helping a family in need.  Please keep Isaacs family in your prayers.

And here's a sample of things you'll find in my shop, Babygirl Brown Originals

Friday, September 28, 2012


Today, I'm linking up with the gorgeous Ashley, at Adventures of the Newlyweds, for my first ever "friday letters"

Dear hubby - this past sunday marked our 1 year anniversary, and it couldn't have been greater!  I love our weekend mornings on the porch sipping on coffee, battling it out on song pop, and playing with our furchild.  Thank you so much for my beautiful watch, gorgeous anniversary figurine, and awesome paper roses!  You are the sweetest, most thoughtful man I know, and I can't wait to celebrate many many more years together! Hope you liked your present too ;)  Dear Momma, Daddy, Momma Linda, Daddy Bob, and Sean - thank you so much for spending sunday with us and celebrating our first year!  Nothing better than fellowship of family, yummy eats (homemade sketti), and Sunday Football.  We love our flower arrangement basket and wine glass holder/set!  They go perfectly in our kitchen! And another thanks to the Brown's for our house warming gift, that beauty of a firepit to keep us warm during the colder nights! Dear furchild (aka Elvis)- I love you more than anything, but would really really appreciate it, if you could stop playing in your poo while i'm at work.  You have plenty of room to not make a mess, and I know you hate the bathing that is coming to you, once I'm home.  I still love you with all my heart though :)  Dear NY Giants- I am so excited to wear my VS comfy's and cheer you on sunday night!!  Let's pull out a win!  Dear Self - seriously get busy with the jewelry.  It's football season and you need to get've already sold two bracelets, and you've got gobs of beads just waiting to put together so they can be somebodies arm candy! Dear UK Football - could you try and not suck this weekend.  I really don't mind a loss, as long as were competitive, meaning we score atleast one touchdown.  Cause if you continue to play like you are, Elvis is not gonna let me dress him up anymore on gameday, and let's face it, he's awful freaking cute sporting the blue and white!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quick update and arm candy Bling creations!

Long time no see!  I've been a bit busy.  Since we've last spoke, we bought a house, settled into and started decoration said house, then added a new addition to our family...our first furbaby, a pug named Elvis...Elvis Presley Brown.  He is the most perfect addition to our happy home and we couldn't be happier!  He's also a big UK fan!!

Now that we are settled and getting ready to celebrate our one year anniversary, I've finally found some time to sit down and start making jewelry again.  So if there are any jewelry lovers looking for some arm candy to cheer on your favorite team, please email me at  Here's some stuff I've been working on.  Bracelets $25, matching earrings $10, but if you buy them together it's $30.  I concentrate on making UK stuff, but have plenty of other colors for any other schools and/or NFL teams!

Y'all have a great week!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

UK Bling!!

Friends, I have been busy making jewelry.  I made myself a bracelet, I made my bestie a bracelet for her birthday.  I SOLD a bracelet...whoa, so excited for first sell!!! 

Then I bought more stuff for more bracelets, and so far I've made 7 more!  Two of those bracelets are, as we speak, on their way to a blogger in Kentucky!  One for her, and one for her to do what she wishes, so maybe watch out for a giveaway!

At this moment, I have three bracelets ready for sale, and I can have them to anyone in the Lexington area (Lex, Richmond, Winchester area), in time for the BIG DANCE on Saturday, so please take a look below, and see if anything might interest ya! 

Babygirl Brown KY Swirl - this is my besties, but I have one for sale, with a set of earrings, see below!

Babygirl Brown KY Polka dot! This one is mine.  I don't have any of these ready for the ball game on Saturday, but they could be completed next week.   $35 for bracelet, $7 for earrings!

The first of three shopping trips!

All of my KY bracelets have a cat paw on them!!

Me and my Besties, sporting our bling for the games weekend before last!

These are on their way to The Kentucky Priss

As are these.  I don't have any of these to make at this point, but I am expecting my bead shipment next week sometime, so if you like the big blue discs, just email me and I'll let you know when they are available.  Personally, they are my fave!

This set is for sale, and ready to go!  Babygirl Brown KY Stripes $30 bracelet, $5 earrings

Babygirl Brown KY Swirl - $35 bracelet, $7 earrings.  One set ready to go!

Babygirl Brown KY Square - $30 bracelet, $5 earrings - one set ready to go
All of my jewelry is one of a kind.  While they may be similar in the beads I use, none are just alike.  Other than my cat paw, of course!

So please, if you might be interested in some bling for this weekend, email me at!

Sweet Dreams Y'all!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Y'all, I'm making jewlery tonight...and it's probably gonna be UK Blue!

Friends...I'm back! 

So sorry for the abandonment, but I've been a very busy girl, and last week, my body turned on me, and decided not only would I be busy, but I'd be sicker than a dog...for FIVE days...ugh

But I am all better now, back at work, and feeling like I've got energy again, so tonight, I shall be making some jewelry!

Ever since I made the bracelet below for one of my Bestie's in my wedding, I've been dying to make one for myself for tournament time!  Welp, considering UK plays on Thursday, I best be getting my "bitty", (thank you Kentucky Priss for the new, in gear!

if anyone is interested in purchasing one of these foyo self, please let me know!
Of course, I'll be making the earrings to match, and it may be with different blue beads, cause I'm here to tell ya, I've been on a mission for beautiful blue beads lately, and friends, my efforts did not disappoint!  I've got KY blue beads out the wazoo, that hardest part is going to be trying to decide which one I want!

So, if I'm feeling especially energized tonight, I may just make a couple sets, and actually start my jewlery shop/hobby!

Hope everyone is having a great and blessed day!

Looking for #8 in 2012!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 for 2...Let's one up last years ONEder fund!!!

Hey friends!  If you've been following from the beginning, you'll remember that last year I posted a special post in January about Nella's ONEder Fund. I actually did two posts, but the original is pulling up for me :(

So last year Kelle, over at Enjoying the Small Things, started a campaign to raise $15K for the NDSS in honor of her precious little girl Nella.  Well, Kelle quickly surpassed $15K, and raised the goal to $75.  Friends, she raised over $100K!!! Check out Nella's fabulous 1st birthday here.

Well guys, this year Nella is turning two, and they are raising the bar even higher!  This year, it's 2 for 2!  And I have no doubts that this amazing family will hit their goal of $200,000 by 1/22/2012.  Head on over to Enjoying the Small things, and read about this amazing family.  Read about Nella's beautiful big sister Lainey, and all of the wonderful things this family is doing.

Kelle and her amazing daughters are an inspiration to many, and for so many other reasons than the fact that Nella happens to have Down Syndrome.  I love her blog for the realness she puts out there on almost a daily basis.  I love it for the amazing ideas she has for celebrating each day, and making time for her daughters, both together and individually.  For the amazing and crazy creative parties she throws for birthdays, baby showers, and who knows what else.  Get in there and look around, learn their story, and share it with others. 

Even if you can't donate, pass it on to others who may be able to.  I feel like no matter what, you'll probably leave that blog feeling inspired, and smiling.  Her whole message isn't that you should do this because her youngest child just happens to have DS, her message is that,

Have a great night friends!